Gluten Cross-Reactivity



This article: The Paleo Mom: Gluten Cross-Reactivity explains in detail why I can no longer eat dairy and should avoid eggs whites.   Very sad to see that chocolate may be a problem too.  *sniff!* *sniff!*  And I was so excited to have found a chocolate bar (TAZA) with no gluten, dairy or soy!

This is something I have learned through trial and error, and Robb Wolf mentions it in his book “The Paleo Solution” under autoimmunity protocol.  If you are gluten-intolerant or celiac, know that you must be aware of these possible cross-reactions.

Cross-reactivity is very real.   The other day I had a GF Caesar salad at my favorite restaurant, not thinking about the cream in the dressing and the sprinkling of parmesan shreds atop.  The next morning I could not get my ring on my right hand.  Clearly it triggered some inflammation.  🙁  I was so disappointed.

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